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Looking at the scene I couldn't but laugh as I see my sister arguing with her husband. As I relax in my private room, in my newly bought building for my personal use.

My sister has a beautiful white face and silky black hair and the body of a super model.

While her husband is the typical spoiled brat with arrogance and ego with the size of a pole that is in his ass.

Right now they are arguing because I bankrupt his business and my adorable sister keeps on spending money from buying useless thing along with being deceive.

"Hahahahaha!! this is really funny!"


"Come on Slut move faster." I said as I thrust my hips, making her moan more and her face forming of an ahoge(A/N: eyes rolling to the back and smiling with its tongue out and a blush in its face I think)

This is Claire, the sister of my sisters husband, she looks like those typical arrogant and spoiled brat with a blond hair. She has a petite body but big breast, right now she is riding me along with her personal maid that she constantly beat up.

"How is the view there May?" I asked the maid.

She has Japanese features with ambit of an american. She has a sexy body and silky black hair, right now she is currently naked with a strap on fucking Claire asshole.

"The view is fantastic my lord." She said as she have a evil grin, she keep fucking Claire asshole.

I cum on her for five minutes resulting for Claire belly bulge that she looks like a two months pregnant.

After I stop cumming May remove the strap on and left it on Claire ass. She grab Claire and threw across the room and goes down and lick my cock that is covered in cum with vigor. She keep licking until she sucked my cock, she couldn't handle my 13 inch cock, she could only suck half of it.

"Come on bitch please me."

"Yes my Lord."

She stood up and positioned my dick to her pussy, she try to insert it slowly but I didn't wait. I grab her waist and insert the half in her pussy, she screamed from the sudden pain.

Using my powers, I turned all to pleasure. After the command her pained expression to bliss as she came for five times just from the insertion.

"Come on move." I said as I look at her with a bored look.

"Yes" she moved her hips like a slut with the expression of a slut on her face.


I see my sister drinking in the bar alone after her fight with her husband. I approach her evading the crowd of people.

"Well what is my beautiful sister drinking here alone?" I said to her as I sit the chair that is right next to her.

"Sam what are you doing here?" she asked me with a bored expression, looking at the bottle of different alcohol I can't say that I am not impressed.

"Aww... come on is it bad that I am not visiting my sexy sister, what are you doing here anyway." I said as I drink Vodka and order some more.

"Hmm... my husband won't give me money anymore."

"What!?" I said with a fake shock expression.

"Damn that bastard doesn't he know that you must always give woman money, I mean I give you money all the time if you need some."

"I know right, I knew that you are the only that understand me Sam." She said with a relax expression as she look at me.

We talk through the night, I praise her every time to boost her ego along with giving her some money.

"Come on, you need to get home."

"What~ but its to early." she said to me.

"Come on I'll drive you." graving her hand to give support, we left the bar and went to my car and drove her towards her house.

As I am in the front door, I used the key in her purse and open the door. I as I walk her to her bedroom, I can say that the things her less and the decoration are in a mess.

Walking towards her bed, I place her there and strip her.

"Come on move your hands up."

"Why and why are you stripping me?"

"Hmm? oh because I'm going to F*ck you."

"But we are siblings."

"Don't care."

I strip my clothes until I am in my boxers. Looking at my sister in her un

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