Sky_Dragon_Slayer Demon that Got Reincarnated As A Human
Qin Wentian the apocalyptic demon got reincarnated as a Hiamn boy
Akagami_no_Shanks The Strongest Devil : a DxD fanfic
After his defeat against Luffy, Charlotte Katakuri is sent in a world full of Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels with a special power. In a world where power levels are completely different from what he was familiar, Katakuri will have to up his game if he want to survive. OP MC, Harem
Skytate Bloodstained Reminiscence
can be located on RRL as well, under the user Rain Day. Actual synopsis is WIP, give me a few days to flesh out the plotlines that are colliding in my head.
Hyrgun IRL Console
Dave has a problem. A big problem. One day after years of suffering at the mercy of 'another' something presents him with the possibility to remake himself anew. Follow his journey.
YukeliTheAbsolute The Vessel of Power
Have you ever wanted to live in a world or obtain power beyond what you currently have... Easton Young, a NEET from America who often watched anime, read fantasy from Webnovels, and played video games, wanted so badly to become powerful and unstoppable like the many characters from the many anime, manga, and Webnovels he watched and read... But fate had other plans for him, he was born on...
White Jade of Sunset Mountain Trafford's Trading Club
Luo Qiu became the boss of a ‘club’ by chance. It was a weird club that sold strange items, assisted by a servant girl with 300 years of work experience. Countless people with dreams, hopes and ambitions came to the club, exchanging everything precious they owned just to fulfill their desires. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Each successful trade would increase...